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Fender Blues Junior Hot Rodd III Ruby


The Hot Rod series of Fender amplifiers is a mainstay on any stage in the world, from your favorite dive's bar 50x50 corner to the arena downtown. Why? Because the Hot Rod delivers unmistakable and unmatched tone, and offer enough options for musicians to define their own signature sounds. They'll blast as loud as you need 'em, are extremely sturdy, and sound great with any pedal. Also, they're affordable! Many users laud the Hot Rod III Blues Junior for the fat mid characteristic tones of EL84 tubes and the all-12AX7 tube preamp, pumping through the 12", 8-ohm Celestion Greenback speaker. And if all that isn't enough, just look at this baby sparkle. The photo really doesn't do it justice; it's absolutely enamoring.